Principally Women

Principally Women

This programme is tailored to the needs of senior women business leaders in growth companies and social enterprises. It will help develop specific skills, confidence, knowledge and build a supportive network.

What is the Principally Women programme? 

Principally Women is a novel programme that provides free, tailored support to female leaders through skills development workshops, individualised mentoring and networking events to share, learn and give back to peers.

The programme provides important business skills to achieve scale. And, unlike other offerings in the market, it fundamentally addresses specific gender challenges faced by women founders and principals in businesses at different stages in life.

These challenges can affect women's ambition levels and use of emotional intelligence. In turn, this can prevent or slow business growth.

Who is Principally Women for?

Principally Women is targeted at senior women business leaders in growth companies (including social enterprises) who have leadership potential to support the company to scale up. For example, a founder or existing senior management team member with the ability to influence change.

Emerging leaders currently in, or bound for, senior leadership positions will also be considered eligible for the programme.

2020欧洲杯足彩外围appTo be eligible, your business must have growth potential. As a guide, you should have a minimum £400k turnover per year and forecasting £1 million in sales growth.

What does the programme involve?

A series of 8 workshop days and coaching over a 6-month period will be delivered by experts in their field with real experience of supporting female entrepreneurs. The topics are designed to be crucial to a strong growth strategy.

1. Deep dive self-reflection (‘imagine your future possibilities’)

  • an action plan for personal and company growth.

2. Women and Leadership 1

  • what type of leader/entrepreneur am I?
  • personal profiling
  • confidence at work
  • psychometric 360 assessments
  • skills gap analysis

3. Women and Leadership 2

  • energising a personal vision
  • strategic leadership and dealing with decision-making glitches

4. Coaching

  • coaching for inspired performance
  • learn how to become a great coach and develop your team

5. Creativity and team engagement

  • charisma and creativity
  • creative thinking in you and others
  • develop your emotional intelligence
  • relating and communicating with others

6. Family event

  • ‘back at home’ family event where friends and family share what it means to have a female principal at home and at work

7. Finance and risk

  • identifying your growth funding requirements and risk attitude
  • dealing skilfully with conflict and gender bias in an investment setting
  • building and managing an advisory board for business growth e.g. incentives, share options etc

8. Sales

  • transform your ability to sell your ideas, get positive attention for your products and services that improve your bottom line

How much does it cost and when will it run? 

This is a free programme.

2020欧洲杯足彩外围appApplications are open from Monday 6 January and close on Friday 3 February. Successful applicants will be notified by the middle of February. 

The first workshop will take place on the 11 March and then on the second Wednesday of each month.

2020欧洲杯足彩外围appTo gain maximum benefit over the 6-month period, you should be willing to actively participate in a range of programme activities and maintain a 75% attendance rate.

How to register

Please download the application form. Once completed, email the form to